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Lissez Moi recently collaborated with The Perfume Society and attended their workshop at the Les Seneur perfumes store. We learnt about the power of scent and its importance in our everyday lives, it was amazing to learn just how personal your sense of smell can be and how many factors can contribute to what kind of scents you experience daily. For example; have you ever noticed that when you spray perfume, you no longer smell it but others around you do? Or does the smell of freshly cut grass instantly remind you of sweet summer memories? Scent is related to every aspect of your life and works closely with your brain to instantly trigger memories from your past. Your sense of smell also changes when your body does! Molly Miller who we met at the workshop suffered from flu for a whole year and this affected her senses dramatically. Some of her favourite scents were no longer the same and it only got worse when her sense of taste altered. It was fascinating to learn how in sync our bodies are and to really understand the significance of scent.
Perfumers have to explore smells deeply and with more in depth analysis. Scents should be meaningful, personal and most importantly – pleasant! At Lissez Moi, our beautifully scented range of combinations such as Lemon and Verbena Rosehip, Grapefruit, Vanilla & Argan and Ylang Ylang, Orange & Macadamia Nut have been formulated to make you feel confident, relaxed and refreshed throughout your day. The workshop was an awesome event and it gave us a huge insight into the world of scent and learning to really appreciate our senses. Everyone that attended left with an opportunity to explore our own range of invigorating scents with a Lissez Moi goodie bag!

by lissezmoi