Start the new year with Lissez Moi and visit us at Gallery5 Boutique

Ladies, 2018 is almost here! It’s been an amazing 2017 but it’s now time to look ahead and get ready for the new year with Lissez Moi skincare products. Have you thought of your new upcoming skincare programme yet? Always remember that nourishing your skin will play an essential role in your daily beauty routine in 2018. Here are some tips for you!

Lissez Moi skincare formulas feature the most luxurious essential oils, that will definitely be your skin companions over 2018. From “Lemon Verbena & Rosehip” to “Ylang Ylang, Orange and Macadamia Nut” passing through “Grapefruit, Vanilla & Argan”, your skin will have all the deserved cuddles. With the beginning of the new year, make sure you always have Lissez Moi body creams with you: in your bag, to apply some cream on the go; in your bedroom to hydrate your hands before going to bed; in your toiletry to nourish your skin after a relaxing bath.

If you want to celebrate the new year with us, you can shop Lissez Moi online or come and find us at Gallery5 Boutique (309 Upper St, Islington, London N1 2TU). Lissez Moi skincare products will be at Gallery5 Boutique until the 4th January 2018 (Mon-Sat from 10.30am to 6.30pm and Sun 12pm to 6pm) and this will be the perfect opportunity to start the new year with us. Don’t miss it! And happy new year!

For further information about Lissez Moi event at Gallery5 Boutique:

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Photography by Alicja Korbinska

by lissezmoi