Lissez Moi gets you ready for the cold season

Temperatures have dropped down and a very cold Autumn has just arrived: it’s time for us to start a moisturizing programme with Lissez Moi luxury skincare. If you haven’t considered the idea of having your own programme, then Lissez Moi will take your hand to help you achieve the best result your skin has always craved for. Thanks to Lissez Moi, you will be amazed from how easy is to make hydration become the essential moment of your daily routine.
Lissez Moi formula has been created to protect your skin and prevent loss of moisture throughout the day. This is the reason why the texture is very dense: to make your skin feel stronger! Think of your own moisturizing moment: where would you like it to be? And where do you image yourself? You could either be wearing your bathrobe at home or walking on heels in the cold streets of the city, however, your skin’s need will not be different and all it will be craving for is nourishment. Here comes Lissez Moi to help you plan and find the time to cuddle your skin and soul with superb attention.
If you want to enjoy your weekend and start the day with a laid-back attitude, then why not going for the “Lemon Verbena and Rosehip” moment after a hot bubble bath? Instead, when you feel much too stressed, take your time to stop and breath in the stunning aroma of “Grapefruit, Vanilla and Argan” Lissez Moi hand & body cream: not only will this product take care of your skin, but it will also make you feel calmer and relaxed. Fascinated by Oriental beauty? “Ylang Ylang, Orange and Macadamia Nut” can add a fresh and elegant touch to your skin.
Always remember that Lissez Moi array of potions have been created to make you feel confident anytime of the day. Bring it with you, keep it in your bag and use it on the go to take a break during your fully scheduled day. Your hydrated – and rejuvenated! – skin will always be your finest ‘accessory’.

“If your skin feels good, your soul does too.”

Words: Federica Caiazzo

by lissezmoi