Lissez Moi were in Paris during Paris Fashion Week introducing our range of products to amazing actress, models, designers and talents from around the world. It was an incredible experience and a great opportunity to promote our brand. Some of the beautiful and talented designers we had the pleasure of meeting were;
Coco Mode Stephane Moula, Paris
Tiffany McCall Couture, Paris
Melissa Jade Young Designers, Manchester England
Valentina Oppezzo Designer, Boston
Anjana Misra, Delhi India
Angel Wong Couture: Hong Kong
Ela Novak, Romania
Sherin Mansoor, Bhopal India
Irina Madan, Romania
and many more!

Celebrity French Actress and Model of Les Anges Vanessa Lawrens modelling designer Tiffany McCall Couture.
Photo by James Scriven



From left to right

Designers Angel Wong Couture, Sherin Mansoon, Melissa Jade Young, Anjana Misra, Irina Madan and Ela Novak.

Photos by James Scrivener, E.p.Photografia.

by lissezmoi