OZZIE RIZZO Salons Mayfair & Richmond disovered Lissez Moi Creams

A 25 years experienced Ozzie Rizzo who started with his brothers Tony and Ricci in an Italian style fashion and hair industry created Sanrizz groups. Age of 21 he was the youngest Art Director after his amazing success working along with Vidal Sassoon, Trevor Sorbie, Christopher Brooker, with brother Tony Rizzo and many more. Ozzie Rizzo decided to […]


Nadia Nou Introduced to Lissez Moi

Nadia Nou one of UK’s renowned top model who has modelled for big brands such as TK Maxx, Clarks, Florence & Fred, Lynx, Marks & Spencer, Vogue, Elle, Grazia, Asiana Magazine and many more. Nadia was Introduced to our Lisser Moi creams at a beauty event and loved the Ylang Ylang & Orange Macadamia Nut […]